How To Blanch Tomatoes For Peeling

How To Blanch Tomatoes For Peeling

Usually in Southasian cuisine tomatoes are used extensively for most of their dishes, and they rarely peel or de-seed the tomatoes, they either chop them and put them in or blitz them in a blender to get a puree.

But at times there are recipes that require us to peel them to keep the skin get in the way of smooth silky texture. It seems pointless, laborsome, and time-consuming if we think of all the canned options for blanched and deseeded tomatoes but nothing can beat the taste and texture of freshly blanched tomatoes. So for the sake of a silky-smooth tomato sauce or soup, we do it anyway using this quick tomato peeling hack.

Blanching tomatoes to remove the skin is the quickest and easiest way to get rid of skin without losing any flavor or taste. Here’s the step by step procedure on how to blanch tomatoes for peeling.

Blanching Tomatoes For Peeling

Tomatoes on Wooden Board
  • To peel tomatoes, core them and mark a small cross at the opposite end with the knife tip.
  • Pour boiling water over the tomatoes and leave for 10 seconds or drop them in the boiling water for 30 seconds, or until the skin starts to lift at the cross.
  • At once, transfer the tomatoes to cold water until cool, and then drain and peel. This step is to prevent them from overcooking

How To Deseed Tomatoes

Tomato Wedges

I’m not completely against leaving the seeds in but the little compartments where seeds are sitting hold more water, so if you take them out you’ll be left with less watery and more concentrated flavor. S it’s worth spending a minute on if you want a more purified version.

  • Cut the tomato in half, vertically.
  • Cut each half into 4 equal wedges.
  • Use a paring knife to cut under the seeds, close to the flesh, from one end of the wedge to the other. Remove and discard seeds. Slice or dice flesh as required.