Hi! I’m Yousuf Ahmed, one half behind Cuisine Diary. After finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, I found myself dissatisfied. Not to mention since childhood my passion had always revolved around food, as a result, I jumped into deranged world of culinary and enrolled myself in Culinary Arts & Food Service Management at Taylor’s University in Malaysia. I moved to France to finish my studies at the University of Toulouse and got picked up to work under one of the top Young French Michelin Stared Chef Pierre Lambinon, at his award-winning Fine Dining Restaurant called Py-r.

After the life-altering experience to work at the top level with the best chefs, exotic and the finest ingredients while using old and new techniques to bring food to the highest level of culinary artistry. I went off to pursue my culinary journey and now I work as a restaurant consultant, and also as a visiting faculty at Hospitality Collage.

The other half of Cuisine Diary is run by, a wonderful woman and my fiance, Madiha; A Telecom Engineer, but decided to change her field and now a SEO Specialist, a Digital Marketer by trade and slowly stepping into the world of Web Designing. When she’s not working she’s either eating or sleeping.